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QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS FOR DECISION MAKING Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS FOR DECISION MAKING - Essay Example Long-go conjecture include time spans of more than three years including capital consumptions, R&D, new item arranging and extension (Heizer and Render). There are two distinct methodologies of estimating. The main methodology is abstract or subjective where factor’s, for example, the manager’s instinct, experience, feelings and supposition are used in arriving at a figure. The second quantitative methodology includes the utilization of some authentic information combined with the utilization of some numerical models so as to foresee conceivable future results. The subjective methodology is regularly helpful in assessing deals for certain new purchaser items or administrations that depend intensely on client needs and inclinations. Under the subjective way to deal with guaging there are four unique kinds of techniques utilized (Heizer, et. al.): Jury of official Opinion-the assessment of a gathering of significant level chiefs or leaders is utilized in mix with some measurable models to come to an end result Sales Force composite-the individual sales rep deals gauges are completely consolidated and looked into for exactness so as to decide a general conjecture. Delphi Method-in these methodology there are three sorts of members: staff faculty, respondents and chiefs. The leaders regularly comprise of a board of 5 to 10 specialists who will make the genuine estimates.

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BUSINESS FINANCE Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

BUSINESS FINANCE - Research Paper Example Rajaratnam was entitled by the Forbes magazine as the independent extremely rich person support investments chief and was likewise the 235th America’s most extravagant men in the year 2009. As on 2009, the absolute total assets of Rajaratnam was over $1.88 billion. In this manner, he was the most extravagant Sri Lankan conceived element on the planet. He began his profession business advance master to innovation firms was filling in as the loaning official of Manhattan Bank. At that point in the year 1985, Rajaratnam joined Needham and Co. as venture financier a concentrated on shopper gadgets industry. It is incredibly shocking just as acclaim commendable truth that from here Rajaratnam was advanced as the head of research at Needham and Co. in the year 1987 (just in a range of two years). He was then elevated to President of Needham and Co. in the year 1991, at the period of just 34 years. At the point when he was at the apex of the organization, Rajaratnam seeded his own fe nce investments organization that he at first named as the Needham Emerging Growth Company and afterward renamed it to Galleon. The support investments organization Galleon was esteemed near $4 billion in the year 2009, down from the pinnacle estimation of $7 billion in the year 2008. As per the yearly report of Galleon for the year 2009, the broadened fence investments organization had over 22% aggravated yearly returns since its beginning. One of the explanation behind the company’s colossal achievement and pinnacle valuation for the year finishing 2008 was the abrupt breakdown of Lehman Brothers. what's more, worldwide monetary emergency that urged firms to adjust forceful supporting methodology. From the fiscal summaries of the organization from the year 2000 to 2008, it very well may be said that Rajaratnam put basically in pharmaceutical and innovation areas. The fundamental purposes for such speculation procedure could be: one, looking for development of pay as goal and two, both the divisions are protective and send out arranged. Rajaratnam was entirely proficient to understand the significance of innovation segment in future thus he realized that by putting resources into innovation stocks at present would augment shareholders’ riches in future because of capital valuation for the stocks. The interest for medications and meds then again will consistently endure and most likely increment in future with the ascent in populace. As per one of the up close and personal meetings by Rajaratnam, he said that the best thoughts are results of successive visits to organizations in which his organization contributed and furthermore from customary discussions with the flexible investments chiefs. In the year 2009, Rajaratnam alongside five others were charged and captured for insider exchanging and numerous fakes conviction. The author of Galleon finance, Rajaratnam argued that he was not liable and paid $100 million bail to stay free (which was the biggest bail sum throughout the entire existence of United States). In any case, in May 2011, a US locale court saw Rajaratnam as liable and afterward on October 2011 he was condemned to multi year detainment by the US area judge Richard Holwell. Other present and previous brokers of Galleon were accused and captured of charge of contribution in insider exchanging action and affirmed connivance. Mention that few previous representatives of the association participated in the examination procedure. It was likewise announced in media that as of January 2012, more than 50 individuals were either indicted or confessed from the Galleon support stock investments embarrassment (Hristova, 2012, pp.1-3). Diagram of Insider Trading The Galleon insider exchanging case was one of

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Benefits of computing gross profit on sales in contrast to contribution margin Essay Example for Free

Advantages of processing gross benefit on deals rather than commitment edge Essay The calculation of gross benefit on deals, which can be determined under the retention costing approach, is a productivity measure typically directed under money related analysis.â This bookkeeping proportion plots the gross benefit created from each $100 of sales.â Such measure is exceptionally helpful in budgetary examination, since it gives signs on the gainfulness potential and cost proficiency of the company.â â For example, if there was an expansion in deals of 10%, however the gross overall revenue declined by 4%. This demonstrates the cost effectiveness of the association weakened during the period. Â Such investigation can't be led under the commitment edge approach, since net benefit isn't present.â However, under the commitment edge approach one can ascertain the commitment to deals proportion which shows the commitment decided from each $100 of sales.â This would likewise give signs on the control of variable expenses once analyzed after some time. Contrast in Net Income emerging from various methodologies. In the case of ABC Company the benefit under the two strategies is the same.â However, this isn't generally the case.â Profits under the two strategies vary at whatever point there is development in inventory.â This is because of the way that since under the ingestion costing method fixed assembling costs are remembered for the expense of merchandise sold, an extent of fixed costs will be remembered for stock prompting such a distinction. Commitment edge approach not admissible for outer announcing. The commitment edge approach, in spite of being exceptionally helpful to give important data to dynamic, isn't worthy for outer reporting.â This is because of the way that it doesn't consent to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). For instance, under the GAAP the salary articulation design ought to obviously layout the gross benefit made by the company.â Under the commitment edge strategy this isn't highlighted.â Another significant motivation behind why the assimilation approach is admissible for outside detailing and not the commitment approach is because of the manner by which the pay proclamation is ordered. The GAAP express that the pay articulation is characterized by work, as under the ingestion method.â In the commitment approach it is ordered by cost behavior.â Indeed partition among fixed and variable expenses is made under such strategy. This contentions with another prerequisite of the GAAP. Reference: Drury C. (1996). The executives and Cost Accounting. Fourth Edition. New York: International Thomson Business Press.

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2017 Top 40 Undergraduate Professors Maja Korica, Warwick Business School

2017 Top 40 Undergraduate Professors: Maja Korica, Warwick Business School by: Andrea Carter on September 18, 2017 | 0 Comments Comments 900 Views September 18, 2017Maja KoricaAssociate Professor of Management and Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Programme)University of Warwick,  Warwick Business SchoolThis year, Warwick Business School’s Maja Korica was among the honorees for the annual Thinkers50 Radar list, a global ranking of top management thought leaders that’s known by some as the Oscars of management thinking. Maja Korica is known for her investigations into the everyday work practices and decision-making of top level managers and her unique research approach that specializes in qualitative ethnography and shadowing to understand the dynamics of complex, rarely seen organizational settings. For this, she is acknowledged as one of the top management thinkers most likely to shape the future of how organizations are managed and led.Age: 34At current institution since: 2011Education: DPhil (PhD) in Management Studies, Said Business School, University of Oxford, 2011List of courses currently teaching: Critical Issues in Management, Managerial Work and Practice, Acting Responsibly  Fun fact about yourself: I am a K-pop expert. â€Å"I knew I wanted to be a business school professor when  I realised I could do meaningful research while hanging out with fascinating people (students included) without having to sit in a drab office 9-5 every day.† â€Å"If I weren’t a business school professor..  I’d be a detective. Or working for the UN as a diplomat. That was the plan, anyway.â€Å"One word that describes my first time teaching  ForgettableWhat do you enjoy most about teaching undergraduate business students? Their relative absence of fixed professional habits. This means they tend to be more open to examining possibilities without immediately jumping to one set answer.What is the biggest challenge that comes wit h teaching undergraduate business students? They are occasionally so focused on what comes next that they miss the chance to learn now. Plus, if you teach a 9 am class, keeping them awake and engaged is a Sisyphean effort! What is the most impressive thing one of your undergraduate students has done? Asked for a word at the start of our seminar, then apologised to the other 24 students for perhaps being too aggressive and inconsiderate in our debate last time. He was a strong minded and intelligent student, who obviously found doing this personally difficult. Given I continually stress reflection and responsibility as important, it was wonderful to see it in action. From small things come great ones – leadership included. What is the least favorite thing one has done? Bullied another student based on gender.What does a student need to do to get an A in your class? Engage continually, challenge respectfully, come informed, and prompt learning in others – me included. To tally easy.â€Å"When it comes to grading, I think students would describe me as  Dragon-like. I’d say tough, and also fair, but perhaps the latter is my delusional teacher speaking.â€Å"But I would describe myself as  Reasonable. I expect a lot, but give a lot back too, including clear expectations.What are your hobbies? Learning languages with varied degrees of commitment, dreaming up wild new schemes, planning my next good meal. Definitely not running.How did you spend your summer? Traveling to new and old places. Reading a lot of books. Eating a lot of good food. Outlining detailed drafts of exciting new papers and lectures, which I am sure to lose on my computer until after the fact.Favorite place to vacation: TokyoFavorite book: The Secret History by Donna TarttFavorite movie and/or television show: Princess MononokeFavorite type of music and/or favorite artist: Anything other than improvisational jazzBucket list item #1: Toss-up between meeting the Obamas over d inner, and hearing Rod Stewart sing ‘Maggie May’ live to my mom. I dream small.What professional achievement are you most proud of? The fact that I still get update emails from students, years after I taught them. What is your most memorable moment as a professor? My first graduation ceremony, where a student who rarely spoke in class all year told me, quite shyly, that I really made a difference.Professor you most admire and why: My old Oxford professor, Marc Ventresca. It is rare for someone to be as considered and original a thinker as he is, and to engage with such continuous grace and attention.What are you currently researching and what is the most significant discovery youve made from it? How people coordinate on the ground in the midst of refugee emergencies. It reminded me how much time-sensitivity matters, as does trust. They are the two big concepts I am working to explore further, as part of thinking how we can better organise and manage in today’s co nstantly changing world.   Ã‚  Twitter handle: @DrKoricaâ€Å"If I had my way, the business school of the future would have much more of this  Developing critical thinking as a habit, which encourages students to continually examine the assumptions and consequences of their actions. It will keep them in good stead once they start working full time, and everything comes at them constantly.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"And much less of this Linear models that suggest one single answer, and boundaries between the classroom and the workplace. Realities are almost never that simple, and boundaries help no one, least of all our missions as educators.† Looking ahead 10 years from now, describe what â€Å"success† would like for you:  Still being the professor who spends solid time doing observational research in cool settings, to then discuss it regularly with students in small seminars. Luxury now, will be a luxury then too.Students sayShe is simply the best Page 1 of 11

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Seaworld Orca s Confinement - 921 Words

SeaWorld: Orca’s Confinement Imagine living life in a space as confined as your bathtub; now imagine being a subject to public entertainment and being forced to perform to earn your food. This is what SeaWorld is doing to its orca whales. The captivity of orca whales at SeaWorld is something that the world will never agree on. Some people think that orca whales being held captive will not result in an unhealthy life, while others can certainly say differently. SeaWorld is more concerned about ticket sales and the money lining their pocket than they are about the treating these amazing creatures humanely. They find ways to justify their ill hearted decisions, choosing to look the other way as the orcas are clearly damaged from living in captivity. As orca whales live in captivity, one is bound to question what the long term effects of living in such a confined space will be. Is it enjoyable and safe, or are the orcas just another pawn in someone’s game of chess? SeaWorld claims on its website that â€Å"at SeaWorld, the whales live in safe, sophisticated habitats, receive world-class medical care and are continually engaged socially, mentally and physically (â€Å"SeaWorld Cares†)†. However, evidence contradicts these statements. Former whale trainer Samantha Berg says â€Å"SeaWorld is simply making money through the exploitation of orcas†. SeaWorld is a money driven company, imprisoning the whales in an unhealthy and unnatural habitat. In their own environment, orca whales are veryShow MoreRelatedSeaworld s Opening, Confinement Of Orcas1305 Words   |  6 Pagesprimates that human are, would you be okay with confinement and being separated for a life time from loved ones? For many years anima l rights organizations have found an issue with a brilliant animal, like Orca whales, being restrained solely for entertainment and revenue purposes. Those fighting for the rights of animals have mainly placed their attention toward a family entertainment company recognized as SeaWorld. Since their opening in March of 1964, SeaWorld has become well-known for being an aquaticRead MoreSeaworld, California And Virginia1582 Words   |  7 Pages(Krushel 1). This number will only continue to rise if SeaWorld does not stop capturing orcas. SeaWorld is an aquarium theme park that has locations in San Diego, Florida, Texas and Virginia. The park has orca shows where the whales perform on a regular basis and receive much controversy. It is revolting that people still find enjoyment in watching these sophisticated mammals do tricks in a concrete environment. Though many believe that parks like SeaWorld are necessary for educational purposes, they needRead MoreThe Killer Whales Have Been Capt ured From The Wild And Taken Into Captivity Essay1744 Words   |  7 Pagestaken into captivity. Orcas are exceedingly intelligent and affectionate. For instance, in their natural habitat orcas remain with their families their entire lives hunting and swimming hundreds of miles daily. Each pod of orcas has a different dialect and set of rituals while being immensely family-oriented. In captivity, these brilliant animals are forced into a concrete pool and coerced into performing circus acts. Once the pursue for killer whales began the smallest orcas were ripped away fromRead MoreOrcas Are The Largest Member Of The Dolphin Family And The Top Predator2151 Words   |  9 PagesJessica Kende English 1030 Abusement Park Orcas are actually the largest member of the dolphin family and the top predator in the marine environment. â€Å"Spanish whalers called Orcas ‘whale killers’ after observing them hunt in packs, killing or overcoming marine mammals, including whales† (STW - Killer Whale). Somehow, their name got turned around to what we name them today; killer whales. However, no accurate report exists of Orcas in the wild killing humans. Orcas are well known for their black shinyRead MoreIs Captivity Capacious Or Confining?1542 Words   |  7 Pagesquestion the well-being of orcas in captivity. An in-depth analysis on the captivity of orcas reveals that there is growing opposition in regards to captivity conditions and practices that must be addressed by orca captors, in order to, combat opposition from activists and scientists who are supporting an end to orca captivity. Every year, millions of visitors are attracted to marine parks around the world to witness killer whales swimming and socializing with other orcas and trainers, a sight thatRead MoreThe Out Of The Enclosures, Into The Wild : Compromising Animal Rights Essay1911 Words   |  8 PagesCompromising Animal Rights Recently SeaWorld has come under a significant amount of scrutiny in regards to their orca whale program. Their whales have become increasingly aggressive over the years, hurting and even killing their trainers. SeaWorld and other facilities like it claim that they have these programs in order to conserve species and save them from extinction, but is the damage to the mental and physical well-being of these animals worth it? Orcas are considered highly intelligent andRead MoreDeath And Tragedy Of Seaworld1728 Words   |  7 PagesHurry up, come on down, and take a trip to one of Orlando, Florida’s most famous theme parks, SeaWorld! Grab your friends, family, kids and neighbors to peer in on SeaWorld’s most prized possession†¦ Shamu, a spectacular look on an Orca whale’s magnificence as you watch them fly, loop, and dive through the air into the nearly oceanic waters†¦ this is what they want you to think anyway. Behind SeaWorld’s thick, poorly p atched walls, lies a blanket that cascades over all the dark lies and secrets. ARead MoreSeaworld As A Standard Bathtub1455 Words   |  6 PagesTheme Parks such as SeaWorld confine dolphins and orcas, who are capable of swimming up to more than one hundred miles a day, in tank that are 50 feet deep and 350 feet in length. To put it in perspective, that’s equivalent to the size of a standard bathtub. SeaWorld portrays itself as a loving, fun, and family based establishment; however, certain activities can harm the killer whales emotionally and physically. Orcas are forced to live in tight quarters together; they have nowhere to escape conflictRead MoreStop Keeping Killer Whales Captive For Entertainment1667 Words   |  7 Pagesand soak their brightly colored rain ponchos. The excitement radiates from their faces as they watch one orca after another perform tricks they’ve only ever dreamed about. However, one look inside the tank of these incredible creatures and one will find unhappiness and despair. The whales used for entertainment at SeaWorld are held captive, in concrete tanks similar to the size of these children s bathtubs at home. These conditions may seem harmless on the surface, but there are multiple underlyingRead MoreBlackfish as a Platform for Animal Rights Essay1438 Words   |  6 PagesBrancheau made national news back in 2010. Dawn was working as an orca trainer at the SeaWorld of Orlando when the tragic accident occurred. While doing a relationship session with Tilikum, the largest orca in captivity, Dawn wa s pulled into the water and drowned. It was a story that not only shocked the nation but left people wondering how something so horrible could happen. Gabriela Cowperthwaite‘s use of the accounts of retired SeaWorld trainers exposed the harsh reality of captured animals in her

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Characteristics of Black Market System †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Characteristics of Black Market System. Answer: Introduction: Ecommerce is increasingly becoming the preferred mode of transacting commerce and is markedly different from the conventional systems of commerce. Ecommerce gives the consumer the flexibility to exchange goods and services electronically without the barriers of distance and time. Most of the exchange between a consumer and the business is through the internet and covers a range of businesses such as sites dealing with consumer retail, auction sites and business to business transactions between different business entities. With the new form of doing business using ecommerce, the requisite knowledge to manage the ecommerce platform is important for every business to have. The knowledge of managing ecommerce platforms is the determinant as to whether a business will be able to leverage the synergies that come with using ecommerce. Knowledge management involves the management of an intangible asset which is not static but which is continually regenerating. Knowledge is different from other forms of assets such as capital and people and the more it is used the more it is produced. A broad definition of knowledge is that it is the level of reflection in the highest degree over the available data that is transformed to information and ultimately to knowledge. Knowledge management involves management of knowledge in three stages: knowledge creation, knowledge transfer and knowledge application. (Spitze Lee, 2012).The functions of knowledge management are undertaken by incorporating both human and organizations which are internet based. Before delving into the process of ecommerce knowledge, a brief summary of the difference between traditional and ecommerce is important. Ecommerce contrasted with Traditional Commerce and the Knowledge Process The first difference is the limitation in the number of items on offer in a physical store verses an online store which can offer almost an unlimited number of items. A business entity that acts as an intermediary between multiple sellers various customers is able to generate a huge commodity search space than the traditional store that is limited. (Boeuf Senecal, 2013). The business entity that is running its operations online must be able to manage the large amount of data that is generated. While running a traditional brick and mortar business has high overhead costs, an online store has lower overhead costs, but requires that the process of should run with minimal interruptions. (McCoy, 2015). Traditional stores can afford the luxury of having downtimes when they are closed and work offline. This is not the case with online stores which have to be online continuously. Physical stores run on the traditional models of commerce, is limited to managing knowledge that is localized within the context of the local market. An online store has to manage has to manage the diversity of knowledge of different cultures which is global as well as managing differences in time-zones. (Herring, 2013). A good example is an American businessman in logging in an online store in Japan ordering goods in Europe to be delivered to his company in America. Empirical knowledge encompasses knowledge that governs the principles and rules of a particular economic activity. This type of knowledge is generalized but is necessary for building a system that can compete in the marketplace. Model knowledge refers to the models of behavior that can be seen in customers in relation to specific commodities and how it can be incorporated into an ecommerce system. The models deal with different entities and processes such as sales and marketing within a business. Situational model is specific and is limited by time constraints and is limited to application in the use which may be single or multiple. (Mittal, 2012).Situational knowledge is mostly concerned with situations that gauge a single customer and their experience in using the ecommerce platform. Knowledge creation involves a continuous process that involves the transforming of knowledge which is tacit into knowledge which is explicit and which can then be turned into a representation which is formal. (Mayzlin, Dover Chevalier, 2014). In the context of ecommerce, three sources of knowledge are critical in the process of knowledge creation: the users of the system, the environment and topology of the system and the experts involved. System users are primarily the customers and suppliers and how they interact with the business entity. Knowledge about customer preferences can be inferred by using questionnaires, while data can be collected about the different suppliers and their terms of service. The data collected incorporates the quality of delivered products, prices, volumes and timelines of delivery as well as the reaction time to requests for delivery. (Jennex, 20120. This will assist in decision making when negotiating the terms of business as well as with whom to do business. The environment is the prevailing space and topology which surrounds the business entity, the suppliers and the customers. The environment includes factors such as the current fashion trends, the economic policy of a country, the emerging new technologies as well as the culture within which the business operates. The environment is also the most difficult to point out exactly with specifics in the process of knowledge creation. The experts are important in creating knowledge as the knowledge they possess is transferred to the persons who shall operate the ecommerce platform. As the system begins to expand, the input of the experts is still critical in dealing with situations which are atypical such as interfacing new systems to an already existing system. (Mellor, 2011). The above considerations will ensure that the process of knowledge creation is continuous: dead knowledge will be deleted; irrelevant knowledge will depreciate while existing knowledge can be updated. Knowledge Transfer is ontology within the ecommerce platform that provides for the appropriate channels and mediums of knowledge transfer as well as eliminating the barriers that arise in the process of knowledge transfer. The transfer of knowledge makes it possible for the knowledge within the platform to be accessed seamlessly within the system while mapping out the knowledge and the channels that will guarantee a smooth flow within the ecommerce platform. Knowledge application is the last stage in the management of knowledge that is necessary for the successful implementation of an ecommerce platform. The end application builds on the process of creation and transfer and deals with the actual application with various user interfaces that will work with variables created from the creation process. (Qin, 2007).The application allows for the different ontologys to be manipulated within the system without compromising the integrity of the system as a whole. Application within Bunnnings The starting point for Bunnings would be to do a system review of its current system by using questionnaires to gauge the levels of satisfaction by the customers. The same questionnaires can be used with the suppliers to also gauge the levels of ease of seamless interface between Bunnings and the suppliers. Once this knowledge has been created, experts can be involved to give technical advice as to how the ecommerce platform at Bunnings can be improved. The application of knowledge management within Bunnings will involve two perspectives: the supply support and the customer perspectives. These two perspectives will have the end result of updating the current system to delete knowledge that is dead and update knowledge that is current and beneficial to the company. Customer support sub-system The customer support works with the ontology of personalization of the customer to the ecommerce platform. (Romero, North, Gutierrez Caliusco 2015).From the perspective that the customer is always right; Bunnings can setup a system that is authentic and genuine and can be verified by the customer. Currently Bunnings has a case in court over its claim that it offers the lowest prices in New Zealand.(Wade, 2017). A customer sued the company over that claim in New Zealand. The ability to manage knowledge in the ecommerce platform would have seen the company take a different marketing approach in New Zealand from that taken in Australia as each market is different. What it offers in the ecommerce platform of each country has to be tailored within the context of each market. The customer support sub system must also be clear on the range of products which are available, out of stock, available within the nearest store or those which can be ordered from a centralized store. Bunnings can integrate the computer systems of each physical store to show what is available within the physical store within its greater ecommerce platform. The ability for a customer to get products should be a key consideration in linking all physical stores and making sure that the physical store can deliver products for online customers as well as the traditional brick and mortar customers. The system in place at Bunnings should have reliable systems within the platform that can guarantee the privacy of the customer and not share their private data with internet-based marketing companies. (Ablon, Libicki Golay, 2014). This is closely tied to making sure that payments are safe and secure to ensure that their financial records are not compromised. The customer support subsystem should incorporate a feedback loop that can monitor the quality of service in terms of timeliness in responding to orders and queries and the responsiveness of the feedback mechanism. Supply support subsystem The supply support subsystem which is a business to business interface, has to incorporate the timeliness of response by the business in terms of delivering new stock while at the same time dealing with returns which may be having defects and rejected by the customer. (Buntings, 2013).The supply support should also address the payment systems of the ecommerce platform in interfacing it with the banks of the supplier and the seamless transfer of funds without the need for a trail of paper work. The supplier support subsystem should incorporate a system that is able to monitor customer preferences of goods offered by the suppliers and continuously updating orders automatically. In conclusion, the ability of a business to effectively manage an ecommerce platform requires the business to begin by first creating the relevant knowledge that will be used within the platform. The second step would require the process of knowledge transfer and ultimately the application of the knowledge. The application will involve in addressing two important subsystems which deal with the customers and the suppliers. Applying the knowledge created with reference to the customer preferences, the business can then put into operation the ecommerce system successfully. This will also result in implementing a user interface that seamlessly interacts with the suppliers so as to make sure there are no gaps in the supply chain. Going into the future, business entities such as Bunnings will need to have embrace systems of knowledge management that specifically address ecommerce in order to stay relevant in the ecommerce platform. References Ablon, L., Libicki, M., Golay, A. (2014). Characteristics of the Black Market. InMarkets for Cybercrime Tools and Stolen Data: Hackers' Bazaar(pp. 3-20). RAND Corporation. Retrieved from Boeuf, B., Sncal, S. (2013). Online international outshopping experience: Proposition of a research model.Recherche Et Applications En Marketing,28(3), 110-119. Retrieved from Bunting, T. (2013). PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM: TAKING ANOTHER LOOK AT HOW SUPPLIES AND SERVICES ARE CLASSIFIED.Public Contract Law Journal,42(3), 549-583. Retrieved from Herring, S. (2013). Discourse in Web 2.0: Familiar, Reconfigured, and Emergent. In Tannen D. Trester A. (Eds.),Discourse 2.0: Language and New Media(pp. 1-26). Georgetown University Press. Retrieved from Jennex, M. E. (2012).Managing crises and disasters with emerging technologies: Advancements. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference. Mayzlin, D., Dover, Y., Chevalier, J. (2014). Promotional Reviews: An Empirical Investigation of Online Review Manipulation.The American Economic Review,104(8), 2421-2455. Retrieved from Mellor, R. (2011).Knowledge Management and Information Systems. Palgrave Macmillan. Mittal, R. (2012). FROM INVENTION TO INNOVATION: ANALYSING THE TOOLS AND TROLLS OF THE JOURNEY.Journal of the Indian Law Institute,54(4), 480-505. Retrieved from Qin, Z. (2007).Introduction to E-commerce. (Introduction to E-commerce.) Berlin: Springer Berlin. Romero, L., North, M., Gutirrez, M., Caliusco, L. (2015). Pedagogically-Driven Ontology Network for Conceptualizing the e-Learning Assessment Domain.Journal of Educational Technology Society,18(4), 312-330. Retrieved from Spitze,J., M. Lee, J., J. (2012). The Renaissance CIO Project: The Invisible Factors of Extraordinary Success.California Management Review,54(2), 72-91. doi:10.1525/cmr.2012.54.2.72 Wade, A. (2017, Feb 8). Bunnings in Court over lowest price guarantee in advertising campaigns. NZ Herald. Retrieved from Accessed May 7 2017

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Policy Making on Federal Spending

It’s the responsibility of the government to acquire some resources to finance its spending. There are several sources from which the government gets finances. For instance, through taxation, fund raising by selling its goods and services, and also through borrowing from a potential donor among other sources.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Policy Making on Federal Spending specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The main sources of centralized government revenue are the taxes from the individuals’ income, and the payroll taxes (Steuerle, 2004). Taxes play a great role in contributing to federal revenues because they are compulsory payments. Taxes are not paid in exchange of anything whether goods or services. Other sources may include, organizational income taxes, excise duties, and custom duties among others. For the last half-century, the payroll taxes have been increasing, with organizations taxes decr easing, and the individual income taxes remaining unchanged. In mid 1950s, individual income tax was the greatest source of the government revenue, followed by the payroll taxes. Starting from 1965, the payroll taxes became the major contributor of the government revenue (Steuerle, 2004). They increased rapidly due to the introduction of Medicare. The taxes that were received from Medicare, and the social security taxes led to the increment of payroll taxes from 1.6% in 1951 to 6% in early 1990s. Other sources that contributed to the increment of payroll taxes are national workers pension, and railroad retirement fund. Government spending is defined in three major ways. Firstly, the government spends its money by buying goods and services for current use by its citizens. Secondly, government spends its money to buy goods and services to be used in the future, like infrastructure (Steuerle, 2004). The third way through which government spends its money is by acquiring goods and servi ces through its own production, and by use of its labor. The main way through which the government spends its money is by securing the future of its citizens. When the first type of spending is combined with the second type, they form gross domestic product. In the year 2010, the United States central government spent $3.6% trillion, which was an equal amount of 24% of the GDP. Out of the $3.6%, approximately $2.2% was financed from nations tax revenues, while the remaining part was borrowed, creating a deficit to be recovered by future taxpayers. The largest issue faced in federal spending is federal debt. The financial problems and recession in US economy brought about a decrease in tax revenues, and on the other hand, spending increased. In the year 2007, the national budget had a deficit of 1.2% of the gross domestic product (Schick, 2007).Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In the year 2009, the budget deficit increased to 10%, which was the highest deficit since 1945. The current reports concerning the economy declare that, the increasing government debt may turn to be unsustainable in the long run. The greatest issue at hand is that the interest rates on the federal debts are a bit higher than the rate of income growth (Schick, 2007). This situation may lead to debt consuming the high levels of income rates, unless the debt would be settled on time. If this situation would not be considered on time, there would be a higher probability of income falling, and new debt adding to the old ones. The private sectors in turn will have an increased risk of non-payment cases. These sectors will end up with weak financial base, and reduced annual profits. Reference List Schick, A. (2007). The Federal Budget, Politics, Policies, Process. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution. Steuerle, C. E. (2004). Contemporary U.S. Tax Policy. Washington, DC: Urban Institute Press. This essay on Policy Making on Federal Spending was written and submitted by user Leanna Spears to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.